Wind River Search and Rescue is a group of qualified volunteers whose mission is:

"Rapid response to search and rescue missions."

"Wind River Search and Rescue is an organization formed
for charitable purposes. WRSAR is not formed for political purposes and will avoid the same."

Objectives in support of our mission:

* Provide an on-call search and rescue team.
* Maintain individual state certification through the Washington
  State Department of Emergency Management (D.E.M.).
* Maintain an aggressive on-going training program.
* Promote safety and education in the outdoor environment.
* Increase membership.
* Develop effective fund raising activities.

Wind River Search and Rescue (WRSAR) was formed in 1993 by three Sheriff Deputies who saw the need for a highly trained and available group of responders to assist the Sheriff's office in the search for lost backcounty hikers and hunters.

Quickly the role of WRSAR expanded to include technical rope rescue as well as the use of regional civilian and military helicopter evacuation units. Today, a majority of callouts require the use of technical ropes for the rescue of hikers or hunters who have become injured in the county's aggressive and rough terrain; cliffs, mountains, caves and lava tubes all present significant hazards.